Residential food preservation units from Liebherr have carried the mark of quality, reliability and longevity for decades.


For more than 60 years, Liebherr has been a leading innovator in the production of high quality food preservation systems. Liebherr produces millions of commercial and residential refrigeration products each year.
The Liebherr company is not just one of the largest manufacturers in the world, but it has also earned the reputation as the most trusted.


Liebherr’s German engineered products are acclaimed for advanced food preservation, design flexibility, maximum energy efficiency and ease of use.


Liebherr’s dedicated focus in the cooling category complements any kitchen, and brings a host of cutting edge technologies to every home chefs fingertips.
As a refrigerator, freezer, wine preservation, and humidor specialist, Liebherr has been consistently developing and producing innovative and leading cooling product solutions for over 60 years.


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