Bassine’s goal is to revive the art of French metalwork design, transforming it into a precious contemporary object for the home.


After creating the brand image of La Cornue, the luxury kitchen range manufacturer, Xavier Dupuy has set himself a new challenge: to modernize fine French copperware. This time his focus is the world of bathrooms, and the development of a unique brand of washbasins made exclusively of metal. In tandem with his long-standing partner Laurent Besseas, a graduate of the École Boulle college of applied arts and design, he has produced a finely crafted everyday object on an industrial scale.


Bassine’s founding collection is a tribute to its sole component: metal. Metal dazzles, metal reflects. We thought of Narcissus falling in love with his own reflection. The basins in the Narcis collection are reflecting surfaces that mirror the image of the person looking at them. The Narcis collection revisits the old-fashioned basin, turning it into precious, contemporary object. Round or rectangular in shape, its finely crafted rim catches the eye and conjures up a sophisticated new world.


Made out of an exceptional material – 316 stainless steel, the highest quality of mesh that exists. The basins are available in four finishes: stainless steel, gold, copper, and black – in satin and brilliant versions. To achieve these finishes, Bassines applies a sophisticated coating technique used widely in the aeronautical industry, a vacuum process carried out in a chamber heated to 480°C, where metallic vapour is deposited in a thin film on the stainless steel, bonding closely with it. The hardness of this coating – seven times greater than normal – makes the metal permanently resistant to scratches and corrosion. Enough to make even a perfectionist happy!


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