Everpure provides state of the art water filtration systems that are clean, durable, and long-lasting.


In 1933, C.B. Oliver realized that an easy, effective, and trustworthy water purification system didn’t exist on the market. So, he set out to create one. Since then, Everpure has become an industry leader in seamless and integrated clean water solutions.


Everpure knows how important it is for consumers to feel good about the products they buy, so they pride themselves on being a zero waste manufacturer. They identify the most cost effective processes for manufacturing, work exclusively with ethical suppliers, and develop solutions to address energy and water use challenges.


Each of our cartridges are made with seamless, polymer-lined aluminum–not plastic, like other filtration systems. On the inside, our Micro-Pure precoat filtration technology delivers six times more filtering power and superior chlorine and particulate reduction. You can be sure the water from Everpure’s systems is free from taste imperfections and impurities.


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