Irinox produces the best and most dependable cooling equipment on the market today, with a single-minded mission of keeping your food fresher, longer.


Irinox was founded in Treviso, Italy in 1989 and has since established itself as the leading manufacturer of blast chillers and shock freezers. Each product is multi-functional and can be customized to solve your unique food storage challenges.


Every Irinox product complies with strict construction standards and undergoes rigorous tests. This devotion to quality has earned Irinox gold medal after gold medal from the renowned IMPCA (Italian Master Pastry Chefs Academy).


Every Irinox feature is engineered to solve a specific efficiency need. The compressor saves you money by consuming the least energy possible. The condenser keeps working by allowing for maximum performance at any ambient temperature. And the five setting fan offers a customized cooling pattern that preserves more overall weight.


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