In this video we have created a delicious Mediterranean style feast of baked lamb meatballs, steamed bulgur salad, steamed golden and red beet salad and freshly baked pita bread.

Cooking a variety of dishes at one time can seem somewhat daunting however, once you learn how to use the features of your Convection and Convection Steam oven you will be surprised how effortless it can be. When you use these ovens to cook the components of several dishes you should find it easier to then turn your attention to prepping the remainder of the ingredients, when we cook on a cooktop we have to constantly monitor the progress of the cooking making it harder to focus on additional prep, but when we cook in the ovens we just have to set the timer and our hands are free to continue with other tasks.

This meal sounds like a lot to cook at one time but if you are organized the preparation will flow smoothly. A cooking & prep plan makes it much easier to orchestrate cooking multiple dishes at one time and if you are cooking with friends or family having a plan makes it easier for them to follow along.

Begin by placing the whole beets in the steam oven as it will take approximately 45 minutes for them to cook through.

Combine the bulgur and water in the small solid pan and cook for 15 – 20 minutes in the steam oven, until all the liquid is absorbed.

Assemble and mix the ingredients for the meatballs and  shape them, preheat the oven while you are doing this so you can cook them when you are ready, cooking time will be approximately 20 minutes. Of course meatballs can be prepped a day in advance and even frozen until needed.

Prepare the ingredients and dressing for the beet salad

Prepare the ingredients and dressing for the bulgur salad

Overall prep and cooking time should be approximately 1 hour if you take the time to assemble all the ingredients you will be using first, that way you can move smoothly through the preparation of each dish. Now if you felt adventurous enough to try the pita bread you would need to start it before you add the beets to the oven. Preparing the dough only takes a few minutes but overall you will need to allow 1 1/2 – 2 hours for mixing, proofing and baking depending on your comfort level with baking.