Bertazzoni Offers Complete Kitchen Suites of Ranges, Refrigeration, Dishwashers and Ventilation Products in all three Design Series: Professional, Master and Heritage.

Professional Series Bertazzoni Kitchen

Master Series Kitchen

Heritage Series Kitchen

This week, we would like to focus our attention on the heart of the Bertazzoni kitchen, the ranges.

Before we highlight the unique design elements of each series it is important to note that each of these series are built on the latest professional range platform that has earned Bertazzoni numerous accolades.

Just a few of the standout features that each of these series boasts are:

  • Each Range can be Installed Truly Flush into a Standard 24″ Cabinet

  • Achieves the Fastest Time to Boil – 5:58 Seconds to be Exact

  • Offers the Largest Usable Oven Space in its Class

  • Soft Close Oven Door with Edge-to-Edge Inner Glass Panel

  • Most Even Oven Temperature in its Class

  • Available in All Gas and Dual Fuel Configurations

  • Offers 24″, 30″, 36″ and 40″ Widths to Choose from in Most Series

  • Available in up to 9 Unique Colors Throughout the Series 

Watch This Three Minute Overview

Now, let’s walk through the three different design series that Bertazzoni offers. Professional Series, Master Series & Heritage Series.

Professional Series

The beautifully designed Professional Series offers best-in-category capacity, flexibility and usability: professional performance for your kitchen at home. Its distinctive style features with elegant knobs, ergonomically designed handles and sophisticated finishes. These iconic elements blend design with an innovative approach to function, underpinned by our renowned engineering. This signature style has won many design awards since its introduction. The complete Professional Series kitchen suite includes built-in ovens, cooktops, fridges, dishwashers and ventilation systems, alongside a large choice of ranges.

Iconic Designer Controls

Reflecting the Professionals Series’ signature look, it features distinguished iconic designer control knobs. Ergonomically-designed and intuitive to use, the beveled lines provide a highly comfortable tactile experience while lending a contemporary undertone to the entire range appearance.

Coordinated Handle Design

Amplifying the designer look of the Professional Series, the handles on each appliance are ergonomic and pleasant to use. Reflecting the squared-off lines that are a key design feature of the Series, they immediately create a coordinated look across all Professional Series appliances in the kitchen.


Coordinated Design

The Professional Series range offers the perfect solution for every kind of machine specially designed for the integrated kitchen. Every control panel, display, control, handle and oven window of both the built-in ovens and specialty ovens are made to align perfectly in vertical and horizontal configurations. The choice of technology makes the series versatile and flexible, while the styling offers an exciting clean and elegant look that balances built-in elements with ranges. It makes it simple to design the perfect kitchen and the result is simply beautiful.


The Professional Series offers a choice of hi-gloss color finishes inspired by and identical to the flawless paintwork found on powerful Italian luxury sport cars. Bertazzoni designers found further muse in the Emilia-Romagna region to create the bold and vibrant Colors of Italy collection. As well as being very beautiful, they are also very durable and stain and fade resistant.


Master Series

Practical elegance, integrated vision and beautiful efficiency. With all the qualities you expect from Bertazzoni, the Master Series blends the best of a commercial kitchen-inspired ambiance, engineered with advanced technology and fine Italian style. It offers a wide choice of ranges, together with a comprehensive suite of machines matched by design to complete your kitchen.

Intuitive Controls

Designed to recall the style of commercial kitchens, the traditional, large round full metal knobs are satisfying to the touch and intuitive to use – They are designed to make it clear whether they are on or off at a glance.

Ergonomically-Designed Handle

The Master Series handle has been designed to help you create a bold, coordinated look across every appliance in the kitchen. The ergonomic shape of the bar section radius sits comfortably in the hand, ideally supporting the opening and closing motion of the range door.


Coordinated Design

As well as being supremely practical, the Bertazzoni Master Series is also exceptionally good-looking. It has a style that’s all its own, with a sophisticated color palette that transforms your kitchen into a work of art. Large, round metal knobs and commercial style handles define all the appliances, which are engineered for performance and beautifully styled. The pieces of the suite integrate seamlessly with each other and with your kitchen.



Finished in elegant Bertazzoni texture colors, the Master Series offers a striking and sophisticated look for your kitchen. This matt finish is tougher and more durable than conventional paint, as well as stain and scratch resistant. Available in a choice of the Colors of Italy collection, inspired by the landscape, fruit and vegetables and unique light of the Emilia-Romagna region.


Heritage Series

The magnificent Heritage Series is built around cooking ranges that would be recognized by Napoleone Bertazzoni in the early 1900s – but they contain the innovative engineering and technology of the 21st century. Authentic in exterior design yet advanced on the interior, these are modern classics, driven by innovation and engineering, with full respect to Bertazzoni’s heritage; something the company is proud to recognize and celebrate. The new Heritage Series ranges feature an exclusive “Bertazzoni Serie Limitata” serial number plate, making each piece unique.


Inspired by tradition

Inspired by the original wood burning stoves that our founder created at the start of the last century, the Heritage Series ranges are controlled by striking rounded chrome knobs. Familiar and comfortable to use, they are a key part of the design character of the series.

A much-loved design

The bright chrome handles found on the Heritage Series are replicas of the handrail found on the original Bertazzoni stoves. The look works across all the series appliances to bring a traditional finish to the kitchen.


The New Heritage Series ranges are available in a bold stainless steel, textured matt black and the new Avorio gloss finish, and completed by carefully considered stainless steel and chromed details. The classic, elegant finish of our matt black brings a sophisticated and pleasing look to your kitchen. Powder coating is one of the most popular processes used to protect metal, especially for kitchen machines. It is particularly suited to create stunning matt finishes and it is also practical, durable other than stain and scratch resistant. The beautiful new Avorio glossy enamel was inspired by the original wood-burning stoves that Antonio and Napoleone Bertazzoni built in the 1930s. The enameling process creates a very durable finish and makes cooking surfaces easy-to-clean. After almost a century the Bertazzoni designer decided to celebrate the brand heritage by introducing this enamel inspired ivory color on the new models of the Heritage Series ranges.


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The Bertazzoni Origin Story

Back in the 19th century Francesco Bertazzoni made precision weighing machines for the local cheese-makers in Emilia-Romagna, northern Italy. Observing trains arriving in Guastalla, Italy, from Germany, he noticed they were heated by a new type of wood-burning stove – used to cooked for the train crew as well as heating the carriages. This innovation appealed to his entrepreneurial instincts and his love of food, family and engineering. His approach has been passed down through six Bertazzoni generations and remains at the heart of what they do today.

With its roots in the manufacturing of appliances for the enjoyment of food, Bertazzoni knows where its heart and soul lie. For Italians – perhaps more than in any other culture – there is a natural fusion of design and engineering. Precision engineering ensures your products function perfectly – but an inherent affinity with design means Bertazzoni products also look stylish and elegant. Form and function become one. Bertazzoni has always been a leader in production techniques, applying the most modern methods in its factories throughout the company’s evolution. They take inspiration from the world-class engineering and craftsmanship that is ingrained in the Emilia-Romagna region.

Bertazzoni believes that a kitchen is at the heart of every home. But it is also true that food is at the heart of every kitchen. The company is located in the Po Valley in the north of Italy, in the region called Emilia-Romagna traditionally known as the bread basket since Roman times. It is steeped in the ingredients and recipes that have made Italian cooking famous worldwide, from Parmigiano Reggiano to prosciutto di Parma and balsamico di Modena (balsamic vinegar), not to mention the fine wines, local pasta varieties and an abundance of fresh produce. All the ingredients you need for the perfect meal.