It’s not difficult to achieve great results roasting meats, fish and vegetables using convection mode but, the oven meals that really get people’s attention are the slow cooked one-pot meals and braises that feature a combination of ingredients whose flavors meld together during the slow cooking process.

Because these meals generally take longer to cook planning is key but remember, when you use the Convection feature you can easily prepare two delicious meals at the same time and re-heating a meal for dinner is a lot less stressful than having to cook from scratch every night. This is the prep and cooking plan we used to prepare a Vegetable Turkey Casserole and Braised Country Style Pork Ribs at the same time.

Vegetable Turkey Casserole – turkey pieces are available year round and are delicious when slow roasted. As a bonus any extras can be combined with a flavorful medley of vegetables to create a wonderful casserole.

• sauteed onions, garlic and corn with some cumin and cooked the vegetables long enough for the corn to begin to caramelize.

• then we combined the vegetables with the chopped extra turkey meat, some cubed butternut squash, black beans, canned tomatoes and a few tablespoons of Adobo chili sauce.

• then we placed the casserole in the oven for 35 – 40 minutes to cook the vegetables through and let the flavors meld together.

• while the casserole was cooking we prepared the country style spareribs.

Country Style Spareribs – the prep for this meal takes only 10 – 15 minutes it’s the cooking that takes time.

• first we measured out all the ingredients for the sauce, then we heated the pan and browned the spareribs a few at a time.

• then we added the sauce ingredients to the pan and brought them to a simmer, added the spareribs back to the pan, put the lid on and placed the pan in the oven for 1 1/2 hours.

• we refrigerated the dish overnight and prior to serving scrapde the solid fat from the surface

• prior to serving we removed the ribs from the pan and reduced the sauce on the cooktop then added the ribs back to the sauce to re-heat them.

• at the same time we steamed some rice and roasted some quick cooking vegetables, in Convection of course, for an easy delicious, flavorful meal.