Purcell Murray is delighted to introduce Jenny Kawaja, a contributing culinary specialist with a focus on Gluten-Free Baking. Adapting our diets to be gluten-free is a choice for some, for others it is a necessity driven by the body’s inability to process gluten but experimenting with new ingredients can be time consuming and costly however, you will find the learning curve much simplified with Jenny’s guidance and great tips.

Jenny developed her interest and expertise in the subject when one of her daughters was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance and after much experimentation and baking humiliation she learned how to work with unfamiliar ingredients and has developed a repertoire of delicious and healthful baked items. With Jenny’s guidance you will receive in-depth tips for using the various ingredients that contribute to the success of gluten-free baking as well as tips for baking in Convection and the traditional Bake mode.