Preparing a delicious stress-free meal is something we all appreciate, and with the Thermador rotisserie function nothing could be easier than loading your favorite meat or poultry onto the spit and watching it cook to perfection.

The Rotisserie in the Thermador Professional Wall Oven is well-designed for ease of use, especially if you follow these simple tips.

• Meats should not exceed the 12lb weight limit

• Poultry or meats that have been de-boned should be tied into a compact shape to prevent flipping

• Stand the rotisserie handles on the flat side before sliding the loaded spit into place so that the meat is supported before going into the oven and when resting prior to carving

• Load the meat into the oven prior to pre-heating the oven for easier handling

• Place a rimmed baking sheet under the meat to catch the drippings

• Select the Rotisserie function and a moderate temperature of 350 degrees for even roasting, higher temperatures can lead to uneven cooking

When roasting meats or poultry, vegetables can be roasted on the tray under the meat but remember, meats must rest prior to being carved so be sure to time them to cook a longer than the meat so they are ready to serve when the meat is ready.