The Zero is the first professional built-in vacuum packaging unit that reaches an almost absolute vacuum of 99.99% the ideal way to store your perfectly blast chilled and shock frozen foods.

Zero by Irinox – The Almost Absolute Vacuum Packaging Unit for the Home

Earlier this year we introduced Freddy to the US market, Freddy is the first Professional Blast Chiller and Shock Freezer available for domestic use from Irinox of Italy.  In this video we explore the companion piece to the Freddy, the Zero. Vacuum sealing foods with the Zero has several important benefits, including a longer shelf life up, (3 x longer) better preservation of foods’ natural flavors, and sealing of prepared foods for sous vide cooking without risk of bags breaking during the cooking.

A variety of bags and containers even bottles can be used for vacuum sealing with the Zero. Holding and cooking bags are available in a variety of sizes: The accessory stainless steel vacuum box from Irinox for storage and cooking and Bormioli jars Bottles for re-sealing opened, still wines.

Vacuum sealing with the Zero and the Rule of 7

When we blast chill cooked foods and store them in the refrigerator those foods have a shelf life of 7 days. When we vacuum package the cooked food after blast chilling the shelf life increases to 14 days. When preparing food for sous vide cooking the food is vacuum sealed first then cooked in an immersion bath or steamer, at this point the food can be blast chilled and refrigerated for up to 21 days.

We all enjoy eating well but we don’t always have time to invest in the preparation of food, however, using the Freddy and the Zero together gives us the ability to keep our refrigerator and freezer well-stocked with our favorite perfectly preserved meals.